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The Best Ways to Keep Your Mouth Healthy After a Root Canal

Posted on 8/15/2017 by Dr. Anthony Dailley
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Following a root canal, optimal oral health is a must. The dentist is going to tell you to make sure you care for your mouth, but you may not be quite sure that that means. The first day, you are going to want to follow all post-operative instructions and take it easy.

However, not everyone knows that to do from there. Here are some of the best ways to keep your mouth healthy following a root canal.

What to Do to Keep Your Mouth Healthy After a Root Canal

The first 24 hours, you are going to need to be gentle and careful as your mouth is likely to be sore. However, after that, you should go back to your oral hygiene routine. Unless you were told otherwise by your dentist, you should be brushing all of your teeth like normal, still two times daily.

You should also be flossing. You may be told to do salt water rinses every few hours, as this helps to get rid of the bacteria in your mouth. This helps prevent any type of an infection after you get a root canal. You should also be able to go back to using your mouthwash like normal, so long as it is alcohol-free.

When you go in to have your root canal done, bring a list of questions with you. The more you ask then, the more prepared you will be when it is time to go home. Taking care of your mouth following a root canal is incredibly important.

The more you do to take care of it, the less likely you are to ever have to have that procedure done on the same tooth again in the future. Find out anything else you need from your dentist the day of the procedure.

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