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How Long Does a Socket Take to Heal?

Posted on 6/15/2018 by Dr. Anthony Dailley
Dry Socket Dailley Dental Care CA 94705When you have a tooth extraction, you must take care to follow all our instructions, so you do not end up with a painful dry socket. While very common after an invasive surgery and the trauma of removing a tooth, sockets can be avoided with proper care.

What is a Tooth Socket?

A tooth socket is a joint that connects the roots of your teeth and the alveolus. The alveolar bone surrounds the roots of the teeth and forms the bone sockets.

How Does a Dry Socket Happen?

A dry socket can develop after at the extraction of an adult tooth when a blood clot at the site of the extraction doesn't develop, or it dissolves before the wound has time to heal.

It is normal for a blood clot to develop because it acts as a protective layer over the empty tooth socket, and it also allows new bone and soft tissue to grow after an extraction. When the new bone and nerves are exposed, the result can be extreme pain within a few days of the surgery.

How Long Does a Dry Socket Take to Heal?

While you can expect some pain and discomfort after getting a tooth extracted, especially wisdom teeth, the pain should start to subside after the first few days. With of the medications prescribed after the surgery, the regular application of ice, and other home remedies such as using salt water, you should start seeing marked improvement within the following week.

It is important that you follow all the care instructions you receive after getting a tooth extracted precisely, so you can avoid painful dry sockets. If your pain doesn't improve or gets worse after a few days, call us right away so we can take care of you.

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