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How Autoimmune Diseases Affect Your Oral Health

Posted on 7/10/2018 by Dr. Anthony Dailley
How Autoimmune Diseases Affect Your Oral HealthAutoimmune diseases affect people in different ways. There are many different autoimmune diseases and they can affect any part of the body. There are several autoimmune conditions that can impact the oral health.

It is important for people to understand what they are, who is at risk and what they should do if they suffer from one of these diseases. Like many autoimmune diseases, the oral health of the individual depends on what they do about it.

The Most Common Autoimmune Diseases

When it comes to autoimmune conditions, one of the most common is Sjogren's Syndrome. It is a condition that is often connected to Rheumatoid Arthritis. Sjogren's Syndrome affects the salivary glands and can limit the production of saliva. The lack of saliva can lead to more cavities and can alter taste and speech. Sjogren's can also lead to a fungal infection in the mouth. Treatment for this condition is following good oral hygiene habits.

Other Conditions
Crohn's disease, lupus and psoriasis are other autoimmune disease that can impact oral health. These conditions impact the mouth in different ways. Crohn's disease can cause swelling of the gums and lips and ulcers in the mouth.

They are often the first symptoms people notice of the condition. Lupus can cause ulcers and sores in the mouth. They are not always painful. Psoriasis rarely affects the mouth, but some people may experience lesions on the lips, tongue and gums.

Hashimoto's disease and scleroderma are autoimmune conditions that can affect swallowing. These conditions are not as common, but they can affect the oral health of the person that suffers from them.

The symptoms that surround autoimmune disease are not always obvious. They can cause problems before a person notices. The best thing a person can do to protect their oral health if they have an autoimmune disease is to practice good dental and oral care habits. That includes regular visits to our offices.

If you want to maintain the best popular oral health, take the time to contact our offices to schedule an appointment.

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