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Why Do Fillings Still Hurt After They Get Placed?

Posted on 12/25/2018 by Dr. Anthony Dailley
Why Do Fillings Still Hurt After They Get Placed?If you've had your dental fillings replaced, but you still experience discomfort, you might wonder what has caused the problem.

There are many reasons that you may feel pain or sensitivity after your tooth has been filled. In some cases, this is simply a reaction to the filling process, and the discomfort should subside on its own. However, other instances may require treatment.

Reasons for Filling Pain

For most people, discomfort after having a filling put into place subsides within a day or two. If the pain continues, these issues may be the cause:

•  Sensitivity. A tooth that has recently received a filling will be sensitive to cold and hot foods, biting pressures, and air temperature. This type of tooth pain should resolve on its own within a few weeks.
•  Poor positioning. If the filling isn't in the right position, it could interfere with the bite. Your teeth may not fit together properly when you bite, which leads to pain.
•  Allergic reactions. Although rare, it is possible to have an allergic reaction to the material used in a filling, such as silver.
•  Materials. Some materials cause more sensitivity than others when used in fillings. For example, composite resin may shrink slightly, leaving a gap under it.
•  Unhealthy dental tissue. If the tooth is no longer healthy, you might experience a throbbing pain. This indicates that decay has reached deep into the pulp of the tooth, and a root canal treatment might be required.

Whether you are dealing with short-term discomfort after a placed filling or long-term sensitivity, it is important to find the root cause of the problem.

While a good oral care routine may help, if the pain continues, we want you to call our office. We are happy to examine your teeth to find the course of the issue and to help alleviate your discomfort.

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