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Dental Implants and Replacing Missing Teeth

Dental implant diagram from Dailley Dental CareReplacing missing teeth is a big deal. There is a lot that goes into the procedure itself and a lot that can go wrong if you do not take care of the missing tooth promptly. That is why here at Dailley Dental Care in Berkeley CA, we strive to provide a welcoming and comforting environment, to boost your confidence that you are doing the right thing.

We do not want any of our patients feeling apprehensive about their procedure, and we want our patients as educated as possible on the subject, because there is so much going on and so many options. For more information on the subject, feel free to call us today or to set up an appointment where we can answer all of your questions.

Prevent Bone Loss with Dental Implants

Dental implants are small, titanium structures that we can surgically install into your jaw bone to replace a missing tooth or teeth. While this sounds intimidating, it is a pretty simple procedure, and the most challenging part is waiting through the healing process to continue. When we install the device, it fuses with the bone around it, essentially making it a part of your jaw.

This part, though, takes time. We have to wait until you are all healed up to put an appliance on top so that we can be sure that spot is strong enough to support it. The great thing about dental implants is their versatility. We can attach some appliances on top of the implant to restore your mouth to its glory. The implants themselves act as the roots of your natural teeth. After the healing process is over, your implant will be even stronger than your natural tooth, and it will have the exact same function as your original tooth did.

The implant looks and feels great in your mouth, but also serves a greater purpose, as it works to stimulate your jaw with every bit you take, as well. This prevents bone loss that may accompany dentures or removable bridges.

Other Ways to Replace Missing Teeth

When it comes to picking what artificial tooth system to secure to your implant, there is a lot to look at. If you are missing a single tooth, you will likely be given a single dental implant, which is topped with a crown that is made of porcelain fused with metal or a composite substance. If you get multiple crowns, you will need multiple implants. However, if you are missing multiple teeth in a row, a bridge is also an option. These are artificial teeth that are attached to each other and can cover more than one gap. However, this may require more than one implant to anchor it in place. Finally, if you find yourself missing more or all of your teeth, we can even provide you with fixed, permanent dentures to cover both your upper and lower tooth arches. These require four-to-six implants, but offer a stability and comfort that you cannot get with traditional dentures that sit on your gums.

Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

For various reasons, not everyone who wants an implant can get one. This decision can only be made by Dr. Dailley, who will measure the bone density, the remaining amount of bone, the patient's oral hygiene, and more. To find out if you are a candidate, please set up a consultation with Dr. Dailley today.

What is the Dental Implant Process?

The process for getting an implant is relatively straightforward. When you come in for your appointment, we will start with one of two things. Some patients experience a lack of bone density. This must be taken care of first with something called a bone graft. Long story short, in a bone grafting procedure, we will transplant bone from another part of your jaw, another part of your body, a cadaver bone (human or bovine), or a synthetic bone, and we will use that to reinforce what bone structure you have and to continue growing new bone. This could happen due to bone loss from too long without a tooth, dentures, or even just genetics. Once that transplant is healed and fused properly, we can begin the installation of the implant. If you do not need an implant, then you are set to go.

When it’s time to install the implant, we will administer an anesthetic to make it a pain free experience. Then, we will make an incision in the gums to expose the bone, where we will be able to insert the implant. Before continuing, we will let it heal for about four months, which gives it plenty of time to heal and fuse with the bone. When it is healed completely, we can secure your permanent denture, crown, or bridge, and you will be back to your comfortable self and a natural-looking beautiful smile.

Why are Dental Implants a Good Option?

Dental implants are a great option because they look and act just like real teeth. The implant is consistently stimulating your jaw bone to keep your mouth healthy and strong. The appliance on top is durable and can last many years if not a lifetime with proper care without having to change your diet like you would with dentures.

This is a very stable choice, as it acts just like bone, so you don't have to worry about them shifting or sliding over time. They are comfortable, and you will forget you even have one! You won’t be able to tell the difference after everything is said and done. To care for your implants, just be sure to take good care of them, brushing and flossing daily and keeping up with your check-ups.

Schedule Your Dental Implant Appointment

Do you have questions about dental implant? Are you ready to schedule your appointment at our Berkeley, CA dental office? Give us a call at (510) 883-3454 today!

Dailley Dental Care has years of experience in restoring the smiles of so many different people who have been through so many different things. Let us help you, too. We can assure you that you are safe and sound with us and that we can walk you through everything so that you are comfortable. If you need a missing tooth replaced, give us a call today at (510) 883-3454!

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